Story By:  Odu Vannessa
What is the hope of the young children in a world where their rights are being violated by those whom they look up to as role model?
What kind of future can these little children ever imagine for themselves as the future leaders of tomorrow, when all they are surrounded with are wickedness and cruelty of inhumanity of the elderly exhibited against.
Domestic violence against children is fast eating deep into the lives of our young ones who belong to the minority and vulnerable group, it has become a major phenomenon affecting and limiting the right of children in many societies in Nigeria today.
Domestic violence refers a pattern of abusive behavior that is used to intimidate, frustrate and humiliate the life of someone else by another person.
This act of violence and wickedness is not just perpetrated against the physically abled men, but against the little children who has no means of defending themselves from such attack by their loved ones who happen to be members of their family or employers.
For instance, many people in the name of being an uncle or aunts travel home during festive period and carry their niece, nephew, cousin or family friend’s children with the promise that they are taking them to the city to train them in school and other skills. When they bring those children to the city, they turn them into their slaves and housemaids using them to do all the works in their home while starving them from food and better lives.
Some go to the extent of using hot pressing iron on the body of the child as a form of punishment for a work that was not done properly or in time, while use things like iron, belt, wire and mobbing sticks to beat and inflict pain and wounds on the body of these children, and some will beat the children to the extent that they will use bottle to smash their head or hit their head to the wall.
Every child deserves to enjoy equal rights as that of other children who are being pampered and treated with affection and love.
The children who are exposed to physical violence mostly have to deal with difficulty concentrating on meaningful things as they are constantly with the nightmare of what they went through.
They also suffer loneliness and isolation because they will always want to keep to themselves alone so that people around will not know what they are going through and decide to interfere, thereby, causing more aggression from their oppressors.
It is high time, the people and the government join hands to fight against domestic violence perpetrated against the children by ensuring that the rights of children regardless of their age, sex and origin are not being violated and infringe upon by adults. Everyone has to safeguard the right of a child by constantly reporting cases of abuse carried out against the children in the society to guarantee a better and safe life for children.Odu Vanessa hnmc/15/012

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