Story By:  Tolulope Oshifade

  The rate at which the issue of molestation is going on in our society is alarming one will wonder why? Our little children are being abused by those that should stand as their guardian and protectors.

December 1st 2016,a case was reported about a 46year old school supervisor in a private school who molested a 2year old girl by introducing her to ponography and enduring in the act, its heart recking because this man is old enough to be her father why then would he abuse her?

Also in 2012 a global survey by the economist intelligence unit rated Nigeria as one of the worst countries in the world for a child to be born due to the rate of child abuse.                        

I believe our government has more to do by implementing laws against those caught in the act, a no pity law either dead by hanging or firing squad and also those children affected should have a rehab home to help them psychologically so as not to affect them later or render them useless in the society.