Story By: Agemo OluwaTimilehin
Was in my room one faithful afternoon, when I heard a mother say to her child ‘koni da fun e'(you will not succeed in life). And I wonder why a mother who went through the pain of being pregnant and giving birth to the child will end up saying such to her child, ten years down the line, such cause begin to work on the child and the same mother who caused the child will end up running from one church to a mosque then an herbalist place for prayers for such child, forgetting that she had used her own mouth to pronounce evil on her own child.
The things you do to a child while growing up will determine how such a child will be when grown. Why do it now when you will still end up running around for such a child in the future?

Why say those awful things now when you will regret them later? Why would we subject our children to such low estate just to get better with what we feel at the moment forgetting the future?

Do you compare your child to that of your friends or neighbors? Because he or she is not doing well in school? Have you sat such a child down and ask what he or she loves to do?

What their hobbies are and what they will love to do with it? What they would like to learn?
. What do we stand to gain in raining causes on our children?
. Present relief of how we feel or future fulfillment?
I don’t want to sound religious but even the Bible says that we should train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Raining causes on our child will only teach such a child that causing is a good thing especially when you are angry, cause it gives you an everlasting relief from the situation.
. What are our expectations from our children?

To see them grow and become people of substance that the world wants to recon with or a nuisance the world wants to get rid of?

Which will make you proud and happy?

Which will give you fulfillment and pride?

Which will give you Joy and everlasting happiness? Which will make you cry instead of laughter all the days of your life?
Financial care is not only what a child needs to grow, what about emotional care?

Have you ever thought about that? How many times have you told your child you love him or her? How many times have you sat down with them and gist them about your childhood memories?

How many times have you asked them what they feel and how they feel?

How many times have you taking them out even if it’s just to buy 50naira puff-puff?

Say to a child what you want to see in them and not what will end up making them your tears tomorrow.BLESS A CHILD TODAY!!!!