Story By: Adeniji Rhoda

Developing countries like Nigeria is confronted with necessity of making profound changes in their socio-political economy and therefore requires widespread education and dissemination of information oriented toward social change.
The vulnerability associated with children hawking and begging on the streets are enormous and cannot be overrated though some do this to save something to save something from it.
According to Black’s law dictionary, hawking means to sell goods on the street to attract attention of people by calling out.

Children hawking creates room for lack of interest in school and learning difficulty
The majority of Nigerian parents believe that children are their God sent helpers both for economic purpose and other wise. Most average Nigerians do not consider street hawking by children and some other child labour practices are seen as part of the socialization process in the society.

Some parents do not know that once a child engages himself in street hawking, he/she would not want to be educated anymore because of the profit he/she earns daily.
According to Child Rights Acts 2003 in the section 30 of buying , selling. Etc. for the purpose of begging, prostitution, etc sub section 2 states a child shall not be used-
For the purpose of begging for alms, guiding beggars, prostitution, domestic or sexual labour or any unlawful immoral purpose.

According to Child Rights Acts 2003 in the section 15 of the right of child to free, compulsory and universal primary education etc. sub section 2 states every parent or guardian shall ensure that his child or wards attends and complete his-
a. Primary school education: and
b. Junior secondary education

Sub section 3 states that every parent, guardian or who has the care and custody of a child who has completed his basic education, shall endeavour to send the child to a senior secondary school, except as provided for in subsection 4 of this section

Sub section 4 states where a child to whom subsection 3 of this section applies is not sent to senior secondary school, the child shall be encouraged to learn an appropriate trade and the employer of the child shall provide the necessaries for learning the trade.

Street children hawkers should have the urge for formal education for they would also realize that school education prepares people to get the appropriate key to the doors of wealth
In conclusion, my advice to parents, teachers and even policy makers is to develop children positively in order for them to become more useful in the society.