WRITTEN BY:  Fikayo Babalola

“He touched me down there,  he touched me!  I’m not lying,  I’m not” she kept crying these words.

Everywhere I look, I see people mourning his death; talking about how important he was to them and it kept me thinking and in a state of dilemma.

It was okay watching all the people talking about what an awesome man Sunkanmi was.

I finally decided to share the information about his “relationship” with a 13 year old girl in the 1990’s where she apparently “lost her virginity to him”.

Lots of other people were sharing this information  about child rape because that’s what it was.Everything seem okay until a woman said she didn’t believe me; that the evidence from the 13 year old girl wasn’t believable because people lie about rape. Really?  Apparently, she was probably trying to flog a book.
I don’t understand why  a 13 year old girl who spoke publicly about her experiences has to be lying about a  man taking advantage of her sexually. This is the same woman who believed the victims of Tolu Bankole and Raheemot Abdul. But,didn’t believe Seun Oloyede.

It took Seun Oloyede 25 years to  process all that  happened to her. Before she could label her experience as sexual abuse because she was just a child then.
“My selective mutism started that day and I still suffer with it. People who meet me think I’m a blabbermouth who shares everything. But I don’t. This is only the second time I’ve ever  spoken about my experience. My fears.”
I’m writing this because I was triggered today. Not by another example of child rape.

But because I heard a story of rape and the victim wasn’t believed. That feeling of being labelled a liar; of attention seeking behaviour. It never ends.

A child can never consent to “sex” with an adult. It is always child sexual abuse.