Story By: Temidayo Ajiferuke

Self esteem is the main spring that slates a child for success or failure. The consequences of child’s neglect and abandonment are huge and unimaginable.

It has created emotionally starved children in Africa who are confused and unstable, and will suffer lasting psychological effects.

A Child they say is the future, but what happens when that future is neglected?

As much as parents would like to convince themselves that such a problem does not exist, the problem of child abandonment is one that is all too real. For some, it’s just the stress and responsibility of being a parent that is too much, and under great emotional stress is a parent struggling to cope,  trying to make ends meet which may leave their children unattended.

Children born should be the reason for our existence,  funny how some parent forget the struggles they went through.

Well Anybody can have a child and call themselves parents,  but a real parent is one who put that child above there selfish needs,  if only they knew!!

For others, the responsibility of being a parent – especially at a young age – is too much and the desire to relive their own lost youth results in a mother or father leaving their child or children alone.

While child abandonment typically involves physical abandonment — such as leaving a child at a stranger’s doorstep when no one is home — it may also include extreme cases of emotional abandonment — such as when a “work-a-holic” parent offers little or no physical contact or emotional support over long periods of time.

Unfortunately, abandoned children who do not have their needs met often grow up with low self-esteem, emotional dependency, helplessness, and other issues. Which may include the children wandering around the area in which they live at peculiar times, asking others as to the whereabouts of their parent or children misbehaving or causing trouble in order to seek attention.

Although length of time is one consideration, it is not the only factor taken into consideration when an allegation of child abandonment is made in a child custody case. But it’s so frustrating to know cases like this are mostly unattended to,  the question is Who fights for the child?

” They say that abandonment is a wound that never heals,  I say an abandoned child never forgets” MarioBalloteli