Story By: Idirhe Ejirooghene Precious.
A world free from paedophilia( a man/woman sexually assaulting children), is what we all crave for, the world would be a peaceful and better place for all, especially the young generation if such ever existed.

Now a day, it is so sad that parents leave their children/wards in the care of Nannys(babysitters) neighbours, or even family members because they do not know what could happen in their absence.
Pedophilia is a dominant issue in our society today, which in most cases a child ends up dead or infected with Sexually Transmitted Infection( STI).

Heard of a situation whereby five children were kidnapped by Paedophiles for over a decade, the perpetrators played games to decide whose turn it would be to sexually assault a child.

It got so bad and frequent that the children viewed it as a normal way of living, while they grow up.
A question that keeps creeping in my mind, is why should a grown man/woman be sexually attracted to children who are not well developed?

What characteristics does a child possesses at a tender age that keeps attracting older men and women?

However, an answer hasn’t been provided for such absurdity. Parents should be encouraged to educate their children on sexual education at a tender age.

During my course of research, I gathered that Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder which an adult or older adolescent experiences. Also, it’s an intense and recurrent sexual urges that adults have towards children. It is in-born, which makes it even more difficult to tackle.
I crave the indulgence of the victims to speak out. I also implore the government to device laws that will sentence perpetrators to life imprisonment.