Story By: Adenike  Folorunsho
Breastfeeding also known as nursing of infants is the most natural and recommended process in which a child is fed through his first stage of life,as it is believed to help infants in lots of ways.

Medically, breastfeeding has been said to help in improving cognitive development,and also decreases the risk of respiratory tract infections in children.

Breastfeeding overtime has been said to increase and help babies mental and physical is observed to help fight unwanted diseases and germs that might be associated with the growing of the baby.

Research has thus proved that nursing your baby helps in removing the risk of Breast cancer from mothers,better uterus shrinkage and weight loss.

While in children a well breastfed baby has been said to weigh twice his normal birth weight at six month,acts as main immune factor by guiding against germs,this immune factor serves as a protective layer on the mucoust membrane in your baby’s intestines,nose,and throat.

It serves as a good anti bodies for the tots,by avoiding diseases at the latter age.As a mother who is currently nursing an infant,breastfeeding my baby has helped bring my body back to shape, and given me another whole new level of motherhood,aside the joy associated with nursing, breastfeeding my baby has helped in both His physical and mental stage such as his quick  ability to crawl at 4month,his ability to change his sleeping positions himself, his wanting to stand on his own without any support.

His mental abilities are superb as he his keen on wanting to hold a pen and book. Without further addo I would say breastfeeding my baby has been the best thing that ever happened to me and my baby aside the Joys of Motherhood.