Written  By: Bello Korede

“Na My Pikin” Na your pikin ?
No tell me how to raise my pikin ,
Na training no be punishment
Leave am for me , na my pikin

Na your pikin ?
Na your money she go take go school ?
So wetin concern you if she dey do sales geh for her uncle ?
Leave am for me. Na my pikin

Na so dem train me
Na me get my thing
Leave am for me .

“Na so dem train me” (That’s how I was trained) It’s very true that most of our parents were sent to serve their uncles or cousins in urban areas as a form of education.

As at then, schools were kilometres or miles away. We now have free education even free transportation for students in some regions or states in Nigeria. Basic Education is very vital for all children.

It’s the duty as parents or guardians to give or allow quality education for children or wards.

“Na Your Pikin?” No. Of course not. But the child becomes a member of a community the moment they are born. The community is also responsible for the well being of a child. You bore the child but don’t forget that It’s a collective effort to raise them well.
However, parents should endeavour to cater for their kids in an appropriate manner. Children are not slaves, they have rights to Survive, Develop mentally, physically and morally; to be Protected from harms and given the chance to Participate in Leisure activities that will also develop them emotionally.

“Na You Born am,
Together we go train na am”

It takes two people to bring a child to life, but it’s takes more than two people to give the child a living.