Story by: Gabriel Alabi


Our dear Country, Nigeria is plagued with a frightening variety of problems far-bigger for her feeble shoulders to bear. From insurgency, corruption and economic instability; the country seems to be on the brink of collapse.

The Boko-Haram religious sect came with killings in the North; Niger Delta militants in the South unleash bombings and vandalize oil pipelines, and the agitations of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) fighting for independence. While we are yet to cool off from the heat of this epic height of disorder – the Fulani herdsmen muscled in on the action with their ruthless killings in different parts of the country. These killings have; however, heralded ethnic clashes that have further undermined the stability and peace of the country.

In as much as these issues linger, some other pressing issues have lazily escaped the attention of the government. One of such is untamed violence against the Nigerian child.


Image Source: Aljazeera

Violence against a child has become a great epidemic in our society, in as much as these issues affect us as a nation; rape cases should be addressed and fought against. Much has not been done in curbing or limiting this cowardly act that has defiled the rights of the child in our society.

What is more painful is the sexual abuse of minors. These young ones cannot defend themselves from the lurking evil on the minds of these adult perverts. The rising spate at which children are being violated these days call for serious concern. Reports have shown that rape cases are slowly becoming the order of the day, yet the people, concerned authorities and government have all kept mute over this matter.

Violence against children can be in different forms which include sexual, physical, and emotional abuse but, the former seem to have taken lead on the pages of newspapers, radio and television programmes.

Nevertheless, these heinous acts are perpetuated in different places such as home schools and churches. The lasting pain, harm and humiliation on the children are immeasurable. It is absurd to listen and read stories of an old man sully the purity of a girl child who is yet to hit puberty stage, such stories begin to question the competence of laws protecting the child and the thought process that egg on these dreadful acts.

Although, knowing the cause of an issue is not enough as to finding a solution to the problem.

The Nigerian child has been subjected to immoral acts thus far; we have chosen to turn blind eyes to these events.

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It is time we rose to fight for these children; it is time to say no to child rape, child battering amongst other issues. When there is no law, there is no punishment, we have laws that guide against this immoral acts, but the system has failed to bring perpetuators to book.

Therefore, the government should uphold the child’s rights acts and ensure that the rights of the child are protected and Judgment should be served to those that run afoul of the law.

Also, non-governmental organizations should join hands with the government to fight this menace that has rocked our nation to nightmarish thrill.