Story by:  Adegunle Adebukola

It is self understanding that family is the bedrock of every society and the first level of socialization process. The popular saying “charity begins at home” brings to bare the importance of a family unit.

Family as a unit heralds the learning process of every individual in the society as such; family can therefore be described as a group of people living together either by marriage or birth.

Conflict is a common factor in every family that occurs due to individual differences and similarities. We as humans sometimes disagree to agree but when these disagreements are not properly resolved it can be destructive to the family and can sometimes lead to violence. Conflicts can occur in a home as a result of vested interest, finance, career choice, child preference, cultural and religion beliefs.

Overtime, the family life has undergone some significant changes. The contemporary families are faced with the pressure of money, career development and child rearing.

All the above mentioned in one way or the other relates to finances, finances is anything that has to do with money and with the need of people wanting to acquire more wealth in order to maintain a particular standard of living, in order to survive in our ever changing society.

Finance is one of the major causes of conflict in the family and the society at large, since different family unit makeup the society, so whatever affects the family will have a ripple effect on all of us as individuals as well as the various groups that constitute the society.

Elementary economics has taught us that human wants cannot be satisfied. As such, finance can be a source of comfort as well as discomfort. It determines everything that happens in the home; from the variety of food, school and in some cases influence family planning.

Though there are negative and positive aspects of family life.

It is important for families to learn to stay together no matter the crisis, seek counseling and guidance where necessary and learn to listen to one another in order to avoid reoccurring conflicts that can damage family relationship.